When healed in a private space, the ailments of the body dissolve. Wellness is restored!

When your body is in good health, don't you feel refreshed?

┃ When your body is in good health, don’t you feel refreshed?

Using one of Chinese traditional medicine’s three major cures, I use therapy called Tuina massage to stimulate key pressure points in the body. This allows the circulation of life energy to flow through the channels of the body as circulation improves and stiff muscles become relaxed.
Whether you are suffering from sore muscles or specific issues, or want to maintain good health of your body, we can match treatment to each person’s needs.
I help make the body refreshed and relaxed, preventing illness, treating disorders, and promoting overall wellness with Purehands massage.

Characteristics of the PureHands massage

┃ Characteristics of the PureHands massage

The human body has 14 pulse points that channel energy throughout the body. By using traditional Chinese medicine practices, we can use key points to increase flow of energy by using acupressure massage.
PureHands massage differs from a normal massage, by starting at the top of the head and following the circulatory system, waking the body and improving circulation and awakening the natural healing power that each human being possesses.
Pure Hands massage is beneficial to children and adults of all ages. This Oriental medicine-based massage cures and refreshes the body using massage, manual therapeutics, and chiropractic elements.

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Wellness Therapist:Tsutomu Sakai

┃ Wellness Therapist:Tsutomu Sakai

A brief history

Graduated from Zushi Kaisei High School
Graduated from Heilongjiang University of Pharmaceutical Studies in Japan
Worked at East Zushi Osteopathic Clinic.

Studied chinese medicine osteopathic &  chinese medicine Qigong at Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine University, Japanese school.

Every day, I do my best to utilize my skills in the treatment and healing of my customers.

Pure Hands

┃ Pure Hands

Address:201-2-5-5 Mutsuura minami Kanazawaku Yokohama
Open 9:00 ~ Close 20:00

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┃ Access

Access to the shop
Access to the shop

1-minute walk from the East exit of Mutsuura station. Exit the station and walk straight(about 100meters).

Access to the parking lot

2-5-14 Mutsuuraminami, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

Access to the shop

Access to the shop

Access to the shop
1. Take the road in front of the shop that points to Kanazawa-hakkei.

Access to the shop
2. Go straight 50meters.

Access to the shop
3. The parking lot is on the right.

4. To number 3.