Tsutomu’s technique is heavenly.
Each session I could feel my tension melting away and left feeling invigorated and refreshed.
Whether I have a specific issue that is bothering me or just want to feel more relaxed,
I always walk out of the Healing Hands space feeling a renewed sense of peace,re-energized and ready to face whatever comes my way.


Pure Hands, best massage I have had in Japan!
Relaxing space and very professional.


A wonderful and relaxing experience.
A must do in Mutsuura!


I always feel so much better after a visit!
Nice and relaxing!
Highly recommend!


Everytime I come to Pure Hands I feel relaxed.
Plus, my back issues are getting better.
Everyone should come!


An amazing experience,relaxing,professional and modified to help my body pains each time.
Pure Hands is a perfect authentic Japanese experience.